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主催:(社)情報処理学会 ソフトウェア工学研究会&要求工学WG

日 程:2004年2月17日(火) 18:00〜20:00
会 場:情報処理学会会議室 〒108-0023 東京都港区芝浦3-16-20 芝浦前川ビル7F
    JR田町駅より徒歩10分 http://www.ipsj.or.jp/03somu/map.html
題 目:Which Requirements will be in the Next Release?
Requirements Management for the Development of Software Products

講 師:Sjaak Brinkkemper教授(ユトレヒト大学教授)
    4th International Symposium on Requirements Engineering (RE99)の招待講演者の一人です.

概 要:Requirements Management (RM) within software product companies or for embedded software is quite different from RM in tailor-made software development projects. As business application software covers functionality for the complete spectrum of business functions in industrial organizations, the management of large volumes of requirements from customers, possibly all over the world, is a non-trivial task. Collecting and prioritizing requirements, maintaining complex dependency structures, cost/value assessments, base-lining and re-scoping techniques call for dedicated requirement management methods with corresponding tools. We will discuss the industrial practices of Requirements Management, and illustrate these with the RM methods and tools for the development of the Baan ERP products. Special attention will be paid to the scoping and planning of releases, and on the communication of requirements from the customer to the developer. Although the presentation focuses on software products, we consider these practices to be valid for the embedded software industry as well.


定 員:40名

問合せ:E-mail : REseminar@se.cs.titech.ac.jp  東京工業大学佐伯元司  tel: 03-5734-2192

3月4日(木曜)18:00ー20:00 シナリオ分析法(仮題)郷健太郎氏(山梨大学)
場所:明治大学(JR お茶の水駅から徒歩5分) リバティータワー 6F 1065教室

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